Let The Internet Entertain You

Remember when television had hours? If you tuned in too late, you got a screen pattern, once the set warmed up that is. Well, those days are long gone and not even a distant memory for the newer generation. You can find entertainment any time online and it can have nothing to do with music … Continue reading

Dear Dairy,…Please Deliver

There are certain subjects which always capture my attention, one is domestic milk delivery. It is a mark of an era and a sign of simpler times. If you find it as fascinating as I do, here are a few links you might enjoy: Connecticut Studies Milk Delivery by Bressler, Jr. and MacLeod from The … Continue reading

Art is in the Heart of the Creator

Art is what you make of it, but I’ll admit that I do not think of my knitting or sewing or cooking or crafts as works of art. My drawings and paintings are art, perhaps even my graphics, but somewhere between my BA in fine arts and now I forgot that art can be useful. … Continue reading

What Do You Do?

Growing up in the States, I was accustomed to the usual first question… What do you do? Or if you’re still in school… What’s your major? It only irked me when I considered that my answer alone may be a reason for this person to want to know me or write me off as not … Continue reading

True Love

Growing up, my parents were the kind that supported, encouraged, and loved me no matter what. With that came the suggestion that I could do anything I set my mind to and if I do what I love the rest will fall into place. Believe in ourselves, know ourselves, and it all works out – … Continue reading

Be Yourself

This post is about you, so I won’t jumble it up with my banter, just a few quotes and a few links and I’ll leave you with you, yourself, and your thoughts. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde “Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you.” – … Continue reading

Using Words, Efficiently

I am the first to admit I am a chatterbox and sometimes the shortest distance between A and B is a very long story. Speaking to people is not the issue for me, it’s restraining myself that I need to work on. It is much the same when I play tennis – I return the … Continue reading

iAm, Therefore I Am

Identity. In the teen years, it is about fashion, attitude, extracurriculars, and friends – but mostly the idea that it’s not about those things as self-discovery is muddled with discovering the world from the safe enclave of youth. In college, identity is linked to course of study, friends (again), and extracurriculars. Sometimes even a year … Continue reading

Starting from Blank

The intimidation of a blank canvas is something almost every artist and writer knows intimately. Of course, technology now offers us the chance to battle the blank with blog posts, emails, and web design too! Twitter and microblogging offer the chance to limit characters to 140 and therefore only have to sputter out a sentence … Continue reading

First Post

It seems so often we see an article, blog post, or news clip online and bookmark it or send it to a friend, but what about if it’s shared here instead. Now, this isn’t going to be posts with dogs riding skateboards or how to make a fortune working from home, but things that actually … Continue reading