My Favorite Blogs about Business, Social Media & Writing

I am often asked as a blogger what blogs I read and often rattle off one or two that I can’t live without, but thought it was high time I put together a list of those about business, social media, and writing to share with you. I also compiled a massive list of all the blogs … Continue reading

Ghost town blog: Are you there readers? It’s me, Evin.

Here I am sitting on a bench in a beautiful park, chatting away when I realize I don’t see anyone around. Well, not quite, but almost. I’ve noticed in the Blog Stats that Billville isn’t isn’t feeling the love, so I will be evaluating whether to keep writing it. It takes time to research these topics … Continue reading

Dear Dairy,…Please Deliver

There are certain subjects which always capture my attention, one is domestic milk delivery. It is a mark of an era and a sign of simpler times. If you find it as fascinating as I do, here are a few links you might enjoy: Connecticut Studies Milk Delivery by Bressler, Jr. and MacLeod from The … Continue reading

First Post

It seems so often we see an article, blog post, or news clip online and bookmark it or send it to a friend, but what about if it’s shared here instead. Now, this isn’t going to be posts with dogs riding skateboards or how to make a fortune working from home, but things that actually … Continue reading