My Favorite Blogs about Business, Social Media & Writing

I am often asked as a blogger what blogs I read and often rattle off one or two that I can’t live without, but thought it was high time I put together a list of those about business, social media, and writing to share with you. I also compiledĀ a massive list of all the blogs … Continue reading

Social Media for Small Businesses, Local Organizations, and Ordinary Citizens Trying to Get the Word Out

Last year, I was part of the planning committee for a breast cancer fundraiser. The Pink Auction was an event held to auction off handcrafted textile creations made by Irish artists. After six months of blogging, Tweeting, and Facebooking about our efforts, we neared 1,000 Twitter followers (we now have 1,028 people following @PinkCork). This … Continue reading

Manners 2.0 – Being Polite and Respectful Online

This post is trying to focus on the upcoming new year with a focus on self-improvement through kinder and more polite communications online. With more and more friendships having the bulk of their communications through Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, there is a reason to wonder if common courtesy, politeness, and self-respect have carried over to … Continue reading

Why Social Media is Good for Newspapers

Hobe Sound Currents is a new newspaper in Florida and I am honored to be writing a column for the publication, but it is also a reminder that newspapers and social media are more closely linked than ever before. It’s not just websites these days, even Hobe Sound Currents is on Twitter!

Let The Internet Entertain You

Remember when television had hours? If you tuned in too late, you got a screen pattern, once the set warmed up that is. Well, those days are long gone and not even a distant memory for the newer generation. You can find entertainment any time online and it can have nothing to do with music … Continue reading