In the Business of Retro

Vintage, retro, and times of yore bring up nostalgic sentiment and a bit of novelty fun – so how does that work when it’s fashion, a building, or an entire business plan. Advertisements

The Pink Auction, Creative Textile Fundraiser for Action Breast Cancer

I’ve been busy lately, which has kept me from sharing new posts here. No, my dog didn’t eat my blog posts, much better than that! As co-chair of the Pink Auction, my time has been spent writing blog posts for the Pink Auction blog, contacting Irish textile artists to tell them about the event and solicit donations, and share my enthusiasm for the cause by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry. Julie Anne, fellow co-chair and inspiration behind the Pink Auction, and I are Tweeting about the event, our milestones, and retweeting as@PinkCork.

Perhaps you would be interested in helping us spread the word or in attending the auction in Cork City. The Pink Auction seeks donations of high quality textile art. Creative textile art includes: fashion, jewelry, home accessories, and other items. We also appreciate donations of wool or textile supplies for pre-auction workshops or to be used in the creation of auction items to fill category gaps. Once our donations are received on the 10th of September (being commemorated with a drop-off event at Vibes & Scribes), we will create a catalogue of the items to encourage interest and anticipation of the auction event.

Art is in the Heart of the Creator

Art is what you make of it, but I’ll admit that I do not think of my knitting or sewing or cooking or crafts as works of art. My drawings and paintings are art, perhaps even my graphics, but somewhere between my BA in fine arts and now I forgot that art can be useful. … Continue reading

True Love

Growing up, my parents were the kind that supported, encouraged, and loved me no matter what. With that came the suggestion that I could do anything I set my mind to and if I do what I love the rest will fall into place. Believe in ourselves, know ourselves, and it all works out – … Continue reading