My Favorite Blogs about Business, Social Media & Writing

I am often asked as a blogger what blogs I read and often rattle off one or two that I can’t live without, but thought it was high time I put together a list of those about business, social media, and writing to share with you. I also compiled a massive list of all the blogs … Continue reading

Manners 2.0 – Being Polite and Respectful Online

This post is trying to focus on the upcoming new year with a focus on self-improvement through kinder and more polite communications online. With more and more friendships having the bulk of their communications through Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, there is a reason to wonder if common courtesy, politeness, and self-respect have carried over to … Continue reading

Using Words, Efficiently

I am the first to admit I am a chatterbox and sometimes the shortest distance between A and B is a very long story. Speaking to people is not the issue for me, it’s restraining myself that I need to work on. It is much the same when I play tennis – I return the … Continue reading

Starting from Blank

The intimidation of a blank canvas is something almost every artist and writer knows intimately. Of course, technology now offers us the chance to battle the blank with blog posts, emails, and web design too! Twitter and microblogging offer the chance to limit characters to 140 and therefore only have to sputter out a sentence … Continue reading