Highlights of the Week – Jan 5-19, 2011

To kick things off, I am sharing links to posts for the past two weeks. There may not be a trend or theme, but it may be a nice read for you to enjoy over the weekend. So, here we go, my first ever Blog Highlights of the Week


Fantastic post about Saying No by @chrisgarrett

Social Media for Small Businesses, Local Organizations, and Ordinary Citizens Trying to Get the Word Out from my blog Billville

“Should I work for free?” A helpful flowchart: http://jhische.com/workforfree.html

My most interesting discovery about debts & living within your means in 2010 was… from Allan Cuthbert

I am full of optimism and expectations for 2011! We have new thinking for the new year. Ignite the Promise Blog by Baldwin H. Tom

SOCIALMEDIAINF0: 7 Quick Ways To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day http://bit.ly/e3GIzO

SOCIALMEDIAINF0: 9 Helpful Tips To Deal With Negative People in Life and Business http://bit.ly/aWfwuL

2010 in Review – WordPress Stats are Pretty from my blog Cooking Peas & Q’s

With change come new expectations and the anticipation of something differentIgnite the Promise Blog by Baldwin H. Tom

Apple is hiring quite a few in Cork: http://www.jobs.ie/Apple/

Apple’s revenue about to overtake Ireland’s GDP http://url.ie/8wos (shared by @adrianweckler from @patrickc)

Apple lovers wanted work full/part time in the Compub Cork APR Store. Must have love of all things Apple Email CV to ger@compub.com (via @macmanley)

Listen to or read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech from August 1963. http://wp.me/pl7ee-PL


Classic Beef Stew for a Rainy Day from my blog Cooking Peas & Q’s

The French equivalent of the Lonely Planet guide has showered praise on Cork restaurants http://ht.ly/3D6bG

GOOD: Feast Your Eyes: How Starbucks’s new Trenta compares to your stomach’s capacity http://shr.gd/hCusOk

Weekend Bytes: My Desire to Make Preserved Lemons from my blog Cooking Peas & Q’s

Come Dine With Me is coming to Dublin. Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Galway and CORK!!! http://www.tv3.ie/comedinewithme

Things I Can’t Cook Without from my blog Cooking Peas & Q’s


Deciding What to Pack When Relocating from my blog 40 Shades of Life

Aer Lingus and Ryanair Airlines add new routes from Cork and Shannon

First Thing’s First: Top 3 things to do upon arriving to live in Ireland from my blog 40 Shades of Life

Top 100 Sports pics of 2010 – Cork in at number 30, no really!!


Oversized Hat for a ‘Just Right’ Big Head from my blog Spring Stitches

Taffy Twist Cowl from my blog Spring Stitches

Handmade Baby Gifts from my blog Spring Stitches

Hedgehog Fibres is now on Facebook.

Mattress Stitch Tips to Help You Finish! – Knitting Daily

How To Pick Up and Knit Stitches – 2 Ways | KNITFreedom

Working With Double-Point Needles

Test Pattern TV Cover: Matt Richardson @ Make: Online writes: When Jason received a flat screen TV for Chris.

Fabulous video of gorilla crochet of Wall Street bull. Art Yarn: OLEK Strikes again :o)


My New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 from my blog 40 Shades of Life

Beating the Winter Blues from my blog Spring Stitches

Thoughtful Baby Gifts from my blog Freckled Past

We’re looking for inspiring women and we want your help | Prudence Magazine (Ireland)

© Evin O'Keeffe

P.S. I heard the public outcry from two of my readers and will keep this blog active. One thing I will start doing is sharing a weekly summary of the blog posts I read and wrote.


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