Social Media for Small Businesses, Local Organizations, and Ordinary Citizens Trying to Get the Word Out

Last year, I was part of the planning committee for a breast cancer fundraiser. The Pink Auction was an event held to auction off handcrafted textile creations made by Irish artists. After six months of blogging, Tweeting, and Facebooking about our efforts, we neared 1,000 Twitter followers (we now have 1,028 people following @PinkCork). This was done with me and my co-chair volunteering our time and skills and absolutely no money to spend on advertising. The experience gave me a whole new appreciation for how independent artists, small businesses, and determined individuals get the word out.

Photo by Tatyana Ogryzko

I’m not at a desk in a large corporation with an entire marketing team or editing team to help me with my research and blog posts – it’s just me at a big desk in my living room thinking I’d like more information on something then creating a blog post with what I find. It’s that simple and surely it’s a familiar setting for others. Social media may be most popular for keeping in touch with friends, having fun, or promoting business, but what about the middle ground? For those of us who are not with a big company or just out for a good time online, social media resources can help us aim higher – and reach higher while building a brand identity. So, let’s narrow the gap in knowledge and get in there.

Here are some interesting articles, blog posts, and resources I found:

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