Art is in the Heart of the Creator

Art is what you make of it, but I’ll admit that I do not think of my knitting or sewing or cooking or crafts as works of art. My drawings and paintings are art, perhaps even my graphics, but somewhere between my BA in fine arts and now I forgot that art can be useful. Every day, I create at least one thing that is beautiful and useful without even knowing it. Maybe it’s a beautiful and delicious meal (that I habitually photograph artistically) or perhaps it is a tote bag I design on the fly – it can even be two rows of a knitting project. But these things won’t be on a gallery or museum wall in my lifetime, so I overlook the creativity that goes into them and see them as just another happiness in life.

This random thought is written completely sober as a result of my reading Seth Godin’s blog post, Making Art, and it reminded me that we make art and by creating something we change others even for a split second.

Glimpse Into Louvre


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