What Do You Do?

Growing up in the States, I was accustomed to the usual first question… What do you do? Or if you’re still in school… What’s your major? It only irked me when I considered that my answer alone may be a reason for this person to want to know me or write me off as not worth talking with. It was my husband who first told me that I am not my job and to try not to perceive the question as someone asking me what I do for a living or what I do from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days a week, but what I DO with my time, talents, enthusiasm, and life. After all, it may not be my day job that would spark a vibrant conversation or networking relationship, it may be my passion. But no one would know about it if I didn’t share what I really do with myself and my resources.

Of course, telling someone what you do goes a long way when you actually know how to share it without having it be the conversational equivalent to watching film slides of someone else’s vacation.

So What Do You Do? By Baldwin H. Tom

What Do You Do? (What’s Your Answer?) by Brian Casel

Thoughts When Asked: “What Do YOU Do?” by Jeff Pulver

You Are Not Your Job


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