Using Words, Efficiently

I am the first to admit I am a chatterbox and sometimes the shortest distance between A and B is a very long story. Speaking to people is not the issue for me, it’s restraining myself that I need to work on. It is much the same when I play tennis – I return the ball with such enthusiasm it goes one or two courts over. Great for softball or baseball, not so good for tennis. Speaking is much the same, it’s not about putting all my enthusiasm into it peppered with thought, it’s about putting lots of thought there and a bit of enthusiasm too. For that reason, I hunger to learn how to get to the point effectively in an entertaining and informative manner. If you are with me in this boat or perhaps you shy away from office presentations or completely avoid public speaking altogether.

Hopefully, these resources will help you find a new perspective and help you find your point, your voice, or your comfort when it comes to speaking and presenting.

Make the Point or Explain Yourself by Baldwin H. Tom

Speechwriting Articles from Six Minutes

Ten Tips for Public Speaking from Toastmasters International

Conquer Your Fear with Preparation by Ben Wilson

Stay Focused on the Point Map

Illustration by Evin O’Keeffe (© 2010).
Colored pencil of imaginary peninsula with the advice: “Sometimes great ideas and passion can be eclipsed by verbiage. Knowing what you do, who you are, and who you’re talking to can help. It is good to remember your goals and stay focused on the point.”


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