My Favorite Blogs about Business, Social Media & Writing

I am often asked as a blogger what blogs I read and often rattle off one or two that I can’t live without, but thought it was high time I put together a list of those about business, social media, and writing to share with you. I also compiled a massive list of all the blogs … Continue reading

Highlights of the Week – Jan 5-19, 2011

To kick things off, I am sharing links to posts for the past two weeks. There may not be a trend or theme, but it may be a nice read for you to enjoy over the weekend. So, here we go, my first ever Blog Highlights of the Week BUSINESS, FINANCE & INTERNET Fantastic post … Continue reading

Ghost town blog: Are you there readers? It’s me, Evin.

Here I am sitting on a bench in a beautiful park, chatting away when I realize I don’t see anyone around. Well, not quite, but almost. I’ve noticed in the Blog Stats that Billville isn’t isn’t feeling the love, so I will be evaluating whether to keep writing it. It takes time to research these topics … Continue reading

Social Media for Small Businesses, Local Organizations, and Ordinary Citizens Trying to Get the Word Out

Last year, I was part of the planning committee for a breast cancer fundraiser. The Pink Auction was an event held to auction off handcrafted textile creations made by Irish artists. After six months of blogging, Tweeting, and Facebooking about our efforts, we neared 1,000 Twitter followers (we now have 1,028 people following @PinkCork). This … Continue reading

Manners 2.0 – Being Polite and Respectful Online

This post is trying to focus on the upcoming new year with a focus on self-improvement through kinder and more polite communications online. With more and more friendships having the bulk of their communications through Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, there is a reason to wonder if common courtesy, politeness, and self-respect have carried over to … Continue reading

Sustainable Energy Innovations

We all know that sustainable is an important word as we face global warming and oil prices, but is really being done? Is it all solar panels and windmills? I was curious and spoke with a student at University College Cork who is working on her Ph.D. in energy sourced from waves! And that’s just … Continue reading

Last-minute Marketing for Christmas

For businesses around the world, Christmas is a time when red can turn into black  with a little green – at least for your company’s finances. Here are some helpful resources for those of you wanting to have a bit more push to your pre-Christmas marketing:

In the Business of Retro

Vintage, retro, and times of yore bring up nostalgic sentiment and a bit of novelty fun – so how does that work when it’s fashion, a building, or an entire business plan.

Why Social Media is Good for Newspapers

Hobe Sound Currents is a new newspaper in Florida and I am honored to be writing a column for the publication, but it is also a reminder that newspapers and social media are more closely linked than ever before. It’s not just websites these days, even Hobe Sound Currents is on Twitter!

The Pink Auction, Creative Textile Fundraiser for Action Breast Cancer

I’ve been busy lately, which has kept me from sharing new posts here. No, my dog didn’t eat my blog posts, much better than that! As co-chair of the Pink Auction, my time has been spent writing blog posts for the Pink Auction blog, contacting Irish textile artists to tell them about the event and solicit donations, and share my enthusiasm for the cause by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry. Julie Anne, fellow co-chair and inspiration behind the Pink Auction, and I are Tweeting about the event, our milestones, and retweeting as@PinkCork.

Perhaps you would be interested in helping us spread the word or in attending the auction in Cork City. The Pink Auction seeks donations of high quality textile art. Creative textile art includes: fashion, jewelry, home accessories, and other items. We also appreciate donations of wool or textile supplies for pre-auction workshops or to be used in the creation of auction items to fill category gaps. Once our donations are received on the 10th of September (being commemorated with a drop-off event at Vibes & Scribes), we will create a catalogue of the items to encourage interest and anticipation of the auction event.